Business structure

Are you thinking of starting a business in Spain but feel daunted by the process? Do you need advice on which company structure is best for you?

A simple way to start out, either working as a freelancer or a solo-entrepreneur running a small business, is to be self-employed (“Autónomo”).  Alternatively, it may be advisable to create a limited company (“Sociedad Limitada” or S.L).

Barcelona Accounting, and its affiliated network of professionals (lawyers, financial advisors, and Spanish “gestores”) can advise on the best course for you and can help you set up your new business.

Financial Systems, Accounting and Compliance

Bookkeeping and accounting can seem like an easy place to save money when starting out.  Many entrepreneurs who are good at managing their personal finances give it a go.  But there are rules and best practice and without proper guidance, the books can get into a mess leading to costly corrections somewhere down the line.  An early investment in your business finances will get things right from the start.

Depending on the structure and location of your company I recommend choosing Quipu, Sage One or Xero as your accounting software.  Cloud accounting software is simple to use and will enable you to monitor business performance and cash flow from anywhere with an internet connection, helping to ensure your success from the start.  However, whatever set up you choose, we are experienced in many accounting systems and can help.

There are 3 service packages, our Hand-holding pack may be right for you.  Discounts apply for start-ups.

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