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Cloud Solutions

Technology solutions are everywhere.  Is your business using them to improve efficiency and save time? 

Cloud Accounting Implementation and Training

Desktop accounting software will soon be a thing of the past.

Increasingly, small businesses are converting to the cloud due to the huge benefits it offers:

Real-time reporting. Efficiently managed cash flow is critical to business success, and since data is updated more frequently, business owners have the latest financial information to make business decisions.

Time efficient.  Some accounting tasks can be automated eg bank reconciliations, reducing the need for manual data entry.

Collaboration is easy. Business finances can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, allowing more flexibility on where and when your accounts are updated and easier collaboration between accountants and business owners.

Software and backups. No software installation is necessary, the system doesn’t crash, backups are done by the software provider and all information is secure.

Paperless office. Cloud accounting enables a paperless office, with all necessary documents attached to transactions and saved in the cloud.

I recommend Quipu, Sage One and Xero depending on your business and can implement the software for a new start-up or or convert from an existing accounting system, fully training you on all functionality.

Other Business Apps / Add-ons

If there are tasks or workflows in your business that are taking too much time, there is probably a better tech solution out there.

One advantage of converting to cloud accounting is that it provides an opportunity to integrate with other cloud based tools.  Xero has a huge suite of add-ons to help digitalise many aspects of a business.

Below are some examples:

Workflow Max is ideal for service businesses and used for quotes, time sheets, job / project management and invoicing.

Square is a free Point of Sale app and is great for retail businesses with a high volume of small card and cash transactions eg food trucks, beauty salons etc.

Healthkit is a free Practice Management system for healthcare practitioners which manages appointments, clinical notes, and patient invoices and payments.

If you are interested in learning more about operational apps and how they could save you time and improve efficiency, I can help.

I will do a needs assessment, give my recommendation, then install, test and train you and your team in the new software.

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