No. If you would like to work with me to see if our relationship is a good fit, using your current set up, that’s no problem. I have experience with a great deal of accounting systems.

Online accounting software has been designed for business owners rather than accountants. I’ll train you in the key aspects until you feel confident and provide unlimited phone and email support to get you fully up to speed (during normal weekday office hours).

Absolutely not. You will still maintain 100% control of all decisions and all payments are signed by you. You can decide what suppliers get paid and when, but I’ll prompt you on this.

If I do your bookkeeping using cloud accounting software, yes, this is possible. We can do virtually everything online, supported in meetings by Skype or telephone.

No. Each client pays a unique subscription to use the software. Barcelona Accounting, as a Xero Partner receives discounts on these subscription fees but there is no commission.

Yes, but it’s not perfect and needs some manual work to prepare tax files which comply with Spanish regulations so I recommend Sage One for small limited companies in Spain.