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Katie Thomson - Barcelona Accounting

Katie Thomson (ACA)

I qualified in 1999 as a Chartered Accountant in the UK, completing my training with Shipleys LLP, a medium sized Central London auditing firm specialising in media companies.

For 14 years I worked as Financial Controller and Director with Kantar Added Value, a strategic marketing consultancy and part of WPP Group plc.  Here I gained valuable experience in accounting, process, and system implementation.

I managed the Finance function in the UK before relocating to Spain in 2008 as Finance Director.  I later performed a global role advising the local Finance and Management teams in Paris, Johannesburg, Shanghai, and Singapore on the commercial aspects of their offices.

An old colleague has kindly described my impact and effectiveness on her business:

Katie is one of those Finance Partners that every Business leader dreams of having at their right hand. She’s an absolute expert within her function – someone who came into our business and turned around processes, controls, transparency and delivery of financial reporting and management in a very short space of time. But more than that she’s a solution-centred thinker and doer. She penetrated our business, found opportunities, and helped us tackle them – creating a robust foundation to grow! I’d take Katie into any business any day as my financial partner – someone who enables growth, solves problems, and develops people.

Lynne Gorden, Managing Director, Added Value South Africa.


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Lucy Hackney


I can’t recommend Katie highly enough. She helped me move to a digital platform with my physiotherapy business. I had started using a new software app for booking clients and managing my invoices but I didn’t really know where to start and was using it half-heartedly. Katie researched the programme I had chosen, compared it to others available on the market, set it up for me with a dedication to detail and a thoroughness that I just don’t possess myself. She also developed reports to help analyse my patient data from the new system.
She is very hard working, thorough, has huge attention to detail, she responds to queries rapidly with huge patience regarding my lack of business understanding. She has been a great help to me and I couldn’t have done any of it without her.

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Hilary Strong


Katie has provided invaluable knowledge to us in 2017. She conducted a thorough audit of our previous financial systems; from book-keeping to forecasting and business strategy. She added value at every level. Not only did she create a new internal reporting system specifically built for us, integrating our businesses from three different countries, she coached and guided us in simple accounting principles. Katie drew on her own business experience to develop a new business forecast with tracking measures. Her ability to apply her experience and ideas to our specific business and team set-up is her key strength. Her solutions work and have the right balance of rigour and practicality. Her input has made a clear difference to our business reporting, transparency and accuracy of accounting.

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